Canned motor

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Canned Motor :

About Canned Motor 

For performance-critical applications requiring robust and reliable pumping of high pressure, high temperature, difficult to handle fluids. Canned motor pumps are available across a range of industries and can be used for toxic or hazardous fluids.

Our high performance, low maintenance Canned Motor Pumps are recognised worldwide as the most reliable and robust available today

We are the ‘go-to’ trusted supplier to many major companies worldwide who recognise us for our unsurpassed experience, engineering reliability and quality of our service suppor

Our Canned Motor Pumps  have a20+ year design lifetime, providing high-efficiency operation and low maintenance for improved productivity and profitability




The difference between a standard pump and a canned motor pump

Standard pumps are produced with the pump and motor located separately and, because they must be coupled for use, the liquid they handle can leak outside the pump from the gaps in the casing through which the rotating axis passes. However, because our canned motor pumps employ a structure in which the pump and motor are integrated and the liquid they transport is sealed inside, it is characterized by being completely leak-free.




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